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        Mission Activities

Computer Training Center of Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka

General information

Computer training centre- offers a wide range of courses for all age. Quality instrutors, great classes, and a commitment to learning is the strength of this center. So far 276 students took training in various computer programmes developing their skills to have better chance in the field of employment. Expert teachers come to join in the educational service to educate the students. The broader aspect is:
> to prepare students for new career
> to enable professionals to maintain and upgrade professional skills and meet and maintain licensure requirments
> to provide students with most effective learning opportunities 

Course Curriculum 

Serial No. Date of PermissionName of the Courses  Duration Capacity 
1Bakashibo/Ka/2007/8811, Date-17/01/2007Certificate-in-Computer- Office Application6 months
(360 hours)
2Bakashibo/Ka/2007/8811, Date-17/01/2007Certificate-in-Database Programming6 months
(360 hours)
3Bakashibo/Ka/2007/8811, Date-17/01/2007Certificate-in-Computer Programming6 months
(360 hours)
4Bakashibo/Ka/2008/9252 , Date-15/04/2008Certificate-in-Graphics Design and Multimedia6 months
(360 hours)
5Bakashibo/Ka/2008/9252 , Date-15/04/2008Certificate-in-Hardware and Networking 6 months
(360 hours)
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Class Schedule :

Certificate-in-Computer Office Application  

Boys (8AM. -10AM. Friday & Saturday)       

Girls (8AM.-10AM. Friday) (3PM.-5PM. Saturday)


Certificate-in-Database Programming (6PM.- 8PM. Friday & Saturday)

Certificate-in-Computer Programming (6PM.- 8PM. Monday & Tuesday)

Certificate-in-Graphics Design and Multimedia (8AM. -10AM. Friday & Saturday)

Certificate-in-Hardware and Networking (10AM. -12AM. Friday & Saturday)

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Contact Information 

Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission
27 Ramakrishna Mission Road
Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.
Phone : +880-2-223383703, +880-2-223384055 (Office)
Fax : +88 02 7170888


Belur Math
Vedanta Society of New York

Office Schedule
From 1st April to 30th September (Summer) : 8:00 am. to 9:00 pm.
From 1st October to 31st March (Winter) : 8 am. to 8:30 pm.