Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka runs a Medical Service Centre with Allopathy & Homeopathy units mainly to serve the poorer section of the people. The Allopathy Unit has been offering facilities for treatment in ENT, X-Ray, Dental care, Pathology, Ultra-sonogram, Ophthalmology etc. with nominal fees. Hundreds of patients gather at the medical centre for treatment everyday who are examined by qualified doctors and provided with free medicines. The Allopathy unit of our Medical Service Centre is now become a very well-known & highly appreciated Health-service centre and as a result the number of treated cases exceeds 90,000 yearly. Its service is extended to the urban and rural poor people through an occasional Free Mobile Unit. Besides, Blood Donation Program is conducted every year during the period of Ramadan month when availability of blood becomes rare due to religious restriction regarding blood, when monks, devotees and young men donate blood generously and 50-60 bags of blood are collected.

The Homeopathy Unit of Ramakrishna Mission Medical Service Centre has been started from February 2019. As a primary step the cases are being treated by one of our monastic brothers, qualified in the section and the service will be extended gradually with the help of donors and generous people.