HIGH SCHOOL : Holding the ideal of Swami Vivekananda— ‘Man-making and character-building’—Ramakrishna Mission High School was established as a Junior High School in 1914. In its journey of more than hundred years many are now at the ideal service of the society being educated from this institution. Being a Govt. registered Higher Secondary school here the syllabus of Dhaka Education Board have been followed. Apart from the regular classes, sports, physical exercise, dramas, musical performances and all the national days are observed properly here. At present about 300 students (boys) from different communities are studying in this school in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Among them many students are given the facility of studying at partial cost and a number are given the facility of full-free studentship.

KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL : A Kindergarten School named ‘Sarada Shishu Niketan’ has been started from 2 January 2016. The classes are of Play, Nursery and KG.

STUDENTS’ HOME : Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka runs a students’ home named ‘Vivekananda Vidyarthi Bhavan’ to accommodate 95 college students coming from different parts of the country desiring to study in the Higher Secondary course, with minimum expenses and an opportunity of studying and leading a life in a quiet and tranquil environment, fostering up their mind and soul who are facing problem in the acute scarcity of accommodation in a city like Dhaka. A few students here have been provided with full free-studentship and concession in various forms. Every year students are showing their brilliance in the Higher Secondary Examination securing distinction marks and attaining high positions; and most of them get chance in Engineering Universities, Govt. Medical Colleges and the prominent universities of the country for their higher education. During their stay here they have the privilege of participating in spiritual and welfare activities stimulating their inherent qualities and service-spirit.

COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE : Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka is running a Computer Training Centre with a view to helping the underprivileged young people to earn their livelihood by providing them with modern practical education with minimum expenses. Every year about 300 students take training in various courses like :
1. Certificate in Computer Office application, 2. Certificate in Computer Programming, 3. Certificate in Database Programming, 4. Certificate in Hardware & Networking, 5. Certificate in Graphics & Multimedia and 6. Certificate in Computer application.

EDUCATION STIPEND : Many of our poverty stricken young men living in the cities or villages, find it difficult to meet their basic needs, educational expenses etc. While studying they are to depend on financial support or stipend. Hardly can they afford to buy books and other educational requisites where there is a problem of lodging and other maintenance which is usually done on payment. Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka has been trying to provide some stipend to the needy students out of its resources collected from the generous public. A one-time stipend named ‘Vivekananda Education Stipend’ has been given every year to 20 poor and meritorious students with the help from Vivekananda Study & Philanthropic Centre, USA. Besides, few students are served with monthly and few with one-time stipend through out every year.

LIBRARY & READING ROOM : Ramakrishna Mission, Dhaka, has a free library with a commodious reading room equipped with individual desk enabling the readers to study quietly and peacefully provided with 15000 books, 50 periodicals and 20 dailies available for common readers as well as students studying in schools, colleges, universities and also for research scholars. Every year about 35000 readers use the library.